A special Italian street food

with all the taste of Puglia

  • A completely
    handmade food!

    Good and genuine

    The Panzerotto is a completely handmade food, stretched with a dough roller, then stuffed up with fresh mozzarella, Italian tomato sauce & Oregano herbs, then fried and served it hot. The shape and the colour of it reminds us of half moon.

  • Many types
    of panzerotti

    Specials and sweets

    Many various ingredients for specials panzerotti: Prosciutto, Chicken Breast , Fresh Ricotta cheese, Onion, Olives, Spinach and others vegetables, Nutella and others…

Ciao belli!!!

We are very happy to have imported here in Melbourne, our traditional and delicious Panzerotto Pugliese.

You can find us around Melbourne, into Farmers markets, Events, Festivals.

Our bestsellers

Panzerotto Ricotta e Spinaci

Stuffing ingredients:   Fresh Ricotta cheese, Homemade cooked Spinach & Cooked Eggs

Panzerotto Traditional

Stuffing ingredients: Fresh shredded Mozzarella, Italian Tomato Sause & Oregano Herbs

Panzerotto Apple Delight

Stuffing ingredients:  Homemade Cooked Apples, Cinnamon & Maple Syrup + Powdered white sugar on top

Where find us

You can find us around Melbourne, into Farmers markets, Events, Festivals.

You can't miss this!

Our upcoming events


Trading Location HEIDE MAKERS MARKET-Templestowe rd, Bulleen 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Trading Location WILLIAMSTOWN FARMERS MARKET- Roberston Reserve, Williamstown 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Trading Location Wallan OLD TIME MARKET-High street, Wallan 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Enjoy our service for your parties, anniversaries,
weddings, birthdays, festivals…

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Unbelievable but true

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It all started with …

Passion and love we do have for our motherland and for our Traditions and culture. We are a family moved from Pezze di Greco(Italy) in 2011 to Melbourne, due to national wide crises, as a goal to have a better future and also a better working prospective. After 6 years I noticed that there wasn’t much food and places who represented our beautiful Puglia, so I decided to let people try for the first time in Melbourne one of our popular and Traditional food called Panzerotto.

The business named “IL Panzerotto taste of Puglia”, is keep growing fast, with the support of my family and especially with the authentic recipe and experience of my mamma, which makes Panzerotti tasty and incredible unique. We want to say thank you to our customers, for keep supporting us, without your support this dream couldn’t become true.

At moment we are trading around Farmers Markets and Festivals, but we are planning to open our first Puglia food store here in Melbourne

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